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BOTOX© is a popular anti-aging treatment that can fade away frown lines and crow’s feet that have been present for a long time. This cosmetic treatment can be life changing.
Repeated movements in the face over time create lines and wrinkles. And over time, these wrinkles can become deeper and deeper. Botox can help those wrinkles disappear altogether, for both men and women.

Nearly 5.7 million botox procedures were performed, in the U.S. alone in 2011, have had BOTOX treatments with a reported 82% seeing an improvement within only 7 days.

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How Does Botox Work?

Botox injects natural purified protein into wrinkles so that they cannot contract. This results in a a reduction of wrinkles.

How Soon Does BOTOX Start Working & How Long Lasting Is It?

A: The treatment takes less than 30 minutes to do and takes effect in 5-10 days. Over a few months time, the effects of Botox will fade and the muscle action will return. When the lines start to reappear, a repeat treatment is all that’s necessary to keep desired results.

Average Cost of Botox in Rochester MN?

BOTOX© is one of the more affordable cosmetic products and is typically priced by the unit. In our Rochester studio, one unit averages about $10, (MSRP $12-13). While price does matter, remember that this is your face that we’re talking about. Nothing is more important.

How Safe Are They?

Side effects are always possible, but large amounts of research shows that Botox injections are safe for the majority of people. At Slow Coast Spa, we disclose all possible side effects up front so you’re aware from the beginning.

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