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Majority of people are now considering Botox as a way of fighting wrinkles; you may be having many questions. Here is an overview of the frequently Asked Questions about Botox that you should know:

Q1: What is BOTOX Cosmetic?

BOTOX Cosmetic can be defined as the only certified treatment that can temporarily improve an appearance of a moderate or severe frown lines in between the crows and brow’s feet lines in an adult.

In addition, BOTOX Cosmetic has been extensively studied in many countries at the same time approved in over 78 countries. BOTOX Cosmetic has tiny amounts of very highly purified toxin protein or botulinum, which is refined from a bacterium known as
Clostridium botulinum. All potency, formulations and doses approved often vary among the botulinum toxin products that means a given product can’t replace another.

Q2: How does a BOTOX Cosmetic work?

BOTO Cosmetic often targets underlying causes of crow’s feet and frown lines—that is the repeated contractions of muscle from squinting and frowning over the years. A specialist will always inject the muscles with the BOTOX Cosmetic to reduce temporarily activity of muscles. After the procedure, one will start to notice very visible smoothing of the crow’s feet lines as well as frown lines in between your brows.

Q3: Can BOTOX Cosmetic make one look as if he/she had work done?

BOTOX Cosmetic is a very technique-sensitive treatment. Why say this? You shouldn’t lose your ability of showing expression whenever someone who is trained, a medical expert especially in facial anatomy and licensed treats you. It is significant that you discuss with your specialist about your desired results.

Q4: Does this treatment of BOTOX Cosmetic hurt?

Some patients have reported that BOTOX Cosmetic injections feels like a little pinch. However, your specialist may sometimes use ice as a way to numb the given treatment area. Talk to your specialist if you are really concerned about discomfort prior to administering your treatment.

Q5: What were the side effects commonly seen in the clinical studies?

About 3 percent of patients often experienced eyelid drooping especially in the studies of frown lines while 1 percent of patients had experienced eyelid swelling. Other possible common side effects are dry mouth; pain or discomfort at the injection site; headache; tiredness; neck pain; double vision, eye problems: blurred vision, dry eyes; decreased eyesight and allergic reactions. However, these are never serious side effects to worry about BOTOX Cosmetic.

Q6: How long does this treatment take?

Your specialist will always discuss personal treatment goals before performing a facial analysis as a way of determining the suitable treatments for you. The actual process of injection can take approximately 10 minutes.

Q7: What is an average cost of treatment?

Your cost will include both the product’s price, the expertise and skill of the healthcare professional or specialist who will be administering the treatment. You can discuss the BOTOX Cosmetic before making a decision on whether you would love to proceed with it. The cost will always vary from one specialist to another.

Q8: How many Botox injections will I ultimately receive?

Your specialist will always administer five injections into your muscles especially in your forehead. It also varies from one individual to another.

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