things to do in rochester minnesota

Are you planning a family vacation? Do you want to visit Rochester? Do you have very little idea about Rochester? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will come to know what to do and where to go in Rochester to create a lifetime experience. You will explore many new places and will find a lot of fun things to do. You will find the quiet location for the relaxation and the best place for the shopping. You can visit some historical places to enhance your experience and can cheer your favorite sports near the sports arenas. Besides, you will get some of the best accommodations to make your vacation safe, comfortable, fun, and more entertaining.

Historical Building

If you like historical buildings, you can pay a visit to The Mayo Clinic Rochester Building that houses many doctors office. In this place, you will like the Gonda Building most. It is made with an innovative design with a good combination of technology. It is a worth visiting place for all of those who love the best mix of the modern technology and classic designs. In addition to the doctor’s office, you will find many beautiful things to explore that include Maywood Mansion, Charlton Building, and Plummer Building.

Memorials & Attractions

These are only a few minutes away from the Mayo Clinic Rochester Building. You will have a lot of fun things to do here. You can visit Soldiers Fields Veterans Memorial, Soldiers Field Park, Soldiers Field Water Park, Soldiers Field Golf House, Plummer House, Walking and Bike Path system, and much more. You can spend your relaxing days here or you can enjoy your time in the parks and the majestic rooms of the historical Plummer house. It will offer an array of attractions for the people of all age groups.


If you love shopping, you will find many shops here. You can visit University Square shopping centers, Broadway Commons, and Apache Mall. In the Apache Mall, you will find around 100 stores, ten restaurants, food courts, family rest room, and soft play area. If you have kids, this is a worth visiting place you. In these shopping centers, you will get all the items including your daily needs, crafts, accessories, foot wear, and Kohl.


Rochester can offer many enhancing experiences to a sports person. It is known for having the busiest sports events and venues. You can visit Graham Arena and Recreational center, UCR Regional Sports Center, National Volleyball Center, Rochester Honkers Baseball, and MN ICE Hawks Hockey. Every sports person will have a lot of options to explore. All the sports centers are well-equipped and offer a new experience to the visitors.


For the fun and entertainment, you will find many. Rochester is known as a welcoming city that satisfies the visitors with a lively events calendar. You will find magnificent attractions, restaurants, theaters, and entertaining events. You can go for a movie or can visit the Tap House, Unraveled Escape Room, and Annual Fiber & Art Fest. You will find unlimited options to go with.

Rochester is a friendly city that can truly make your vacation more entertaining, fun, and inspirational.  Want more fun things to do in the city of Rochester?



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