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If you check out a few articles on places to visit while in Rochester, Minnesota, then it won’t be long for you to realize that the Rochester Art Center is one of the most-recommended tourist spots.

The Rochester Art Center is considered to be a contemporary arts center. However, these days, they exhibit a wide range of art collections coming from different art genres. The Rochester Art Center was founded back in 1946. Considering the fact that it’s present location is the same spot in which it was first founded, the building itself carries a lot of history. Also, with a 36,000 square-foot area, you can easily spend hours getting lost in the midst of sights and sounds of what Rochester Art Center has to offer.

In this article, we are going to help you navigate on the things you can do while you visit the Rochester Art Center.

Do The Tour

If you want to fully enjoy what Rochester Art Center has to offer, then your best bet is to do one of the tours. Rochester Art Center has a great staff that is highly trained and knowledgeable. This means that they can help you get more immersed in the exhibits and various activities that are presently offered at Rochester Art Center.

If there’s one thing that you should know, then it’s the fact that Rochester Art Center features very dynamic art exhibits. This means that aside from the staple art exhibits, most of the exhibits are new and does not stay long. Hence, if you want a heads-up on what the Rochester Art Center is exhibiting, you might want to check out their official page first.

Also, the tours itself are dynamic. As the exhibits frequently change, the guided tours schedules also change regularly. This should not be a cause for worry as you are free to explore the center without a guide.

Judy Onofrio

If you skip the tour for some reason, then you should never skip Rochester Art Center’s main attraction. If you don’t the main attraction for the day, then you can simply go straight to the Judy Onofrio gallery as it’s the main gallery of Rochester Art Center.

Art Workshops

Once you have covered most of the exhibits in the Rochester Art Center, you or your kids might be inspired to do some arts. Thankfully, Rochester Art Center has art workshops running almost all the time. However, you might want to check their art workshops schedule first and plan accordingly.

Skyline View

After you or your family has unleashed their sudden burst of creativity, you can head to one of the top floors that feature a huge glass window. Then, you or your family can sit back and have a relaxing view of Rochester’s skyline.

Zumbro River

Now, before you leave the Rochester Art Center, don’t forget to allocate the time to sit down and simply enjoy the Zumbro River. The Rochester Art Center sits right in front of the said river, and it’s a good way of resting and gathering energy for your next destination.

So that’s it for now. Of course, the Rochester Art Center can offer you a lot more. However, the suggestions we made above is a good start if you don’t know where to start.

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