childrens museum in rochester mn

On holidays, every kid yearns for an amazing trip that would help him/her learn more as he/she enjoys the free time. Your kids should have an opportunity to visit some of the many overwhelming family destinations in Rochester. Having an adventure with your kids is important and helps you connect more with them as they continue to learn new things that are helpful.

Rochester, Minnesota is a vibrant city that hosts many tourist attraction sites. The city has varying destinations that would give your kids an unforgettable experience. Selecting the best places to take your kids may be hard especially because every place available is meant to give precious moments. For your ease of the search for the best places, the following list has been prepared. The list covers the 5 best destinations where you can take your kids in Rochester, MN.

1. Quarry Hill Nature Center

This is an amazing place where you can hike freely while connecting with nature. The nature center lies within the great Quarry Hill Park. Kids are given an opportunity to learn more about nature here. They get to enjoy the natural feel of the atmosphere as they hike through woods and natural vegetation. While following the trails that lead to an open space, they are able to see an inhabited pond and varying wildlife animals. At the open space, they can play and interact freely.

2. Bowlocity Entertainment Center

This is a bowling center that also features an arcade. Apart from bowling, there are other entertaining things such as laser tags and video games that your children can enjoy. Bowlocity is a very good destination that offers so much for the kids. It also has party rooms that you can rent. Foods and drinks are readily available and can be taken during the bowling sessions.

3. Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester

This is another important destination in Rochester that provides a nice learning environment for the kids. They are taught using rotating exhibits. Through this stimulating hands-on learning environment, they are able to concentrate and comprehend everything since direct interaction is established. This is a good place that your kids should visit and learn through this unique system of learning.

4. Skyline Raceway

Skyline raceway is an amusement park that offers gemstone/fossils panning, mini-golf and go-karts. They have advanced go-kart tracks meant to give all families an unforgettable experience. Their mini-golf gives you an uncommon golfing challenge and leaves you yearning for more. The whole facility can be rented by those who come in large groups.

5. Douglas Trail

This is a 12 � miles trail that goes through natural vegetation. You can hike, bike or horseback up to where you want. Douglas Trail runs through an area with a good and natural atmosphere that your family can enjoy while having an unforgettable adventure. By being flat and straight, the trail remains good and safe for everyone. Washrooms and picnic tables are available along it and this favors anyone who would want to take a break.


Rochester is a city that has so many places where you can take kids. The list above can help you easily choose the places that can provide ample learning and entertainment for your kids. Let them have the fun they need as they explore these nicely set places. Rochester definitely is the city that should teach them more during their leisure time.

There’s plenty of family spots to go in Rochester, Minnesota.


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